HTML5 UI editor Maqetta gets a visual makeover

HTML5 UI editor Maqetta gets a visual makeover.

Maqetta logoThe Maqetta HTML5 user interface (UI) designer has been given a visual styling makeover for the new Release 7. The Dojo Foundation-hosted project offers an IDE-styled environment for the creation of HTML5 UIs, whether for the desktop or for mobile devices. Release 7’s makeover also includes new collapsible palettes of elements on the left and right side of the in-work user interface design, a streamlined HTML file creation interface and redesigned toolbar. The update comes with a number of performance improvements in both the page editor and the preview-in-browser mode, which now incorporates Dojo’s Zazl for server-side rendering.

Another enhancement is the ability to open the Eclipse Orion navigator in a new browser window for source editing in the cloud; the project has also replaced most of the old user and workspace management with Orion code. Other improvements include better table control at creation time, support for custom icons and actions with tree widgets, a new “Save As Widget” which creates a re-usable widget from the current selection, and keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, undo, redo and save. Full details of the changes are in the release notes.

Maqetta was originally developed at IBM and was donated to the Dojo Foundation in April 2011. The project is hosted on GitHub and licensed under either the “New” BSD Licence or the Academic Free Licence. Builds of Maqetta are available to download from the project’s site.


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