Publishing resumes in Windows Phone Marketplace

Publishing resumes in Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows MarketplaceMicrosoft says it has now fixed the digital certificate problem that caused it to stop publishing apps through its Windows Phone Marketplace. According to the update, the change will take “a day or two” to be fully deployed and allow newly published apps to start appearing in the Marketplace. The problem had stopped recently published apps from being installed on devices that had been upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5. Smartphones that came with Windows Phone 7.5 pre-installed were unaffected, but the issue was regarded by Microsoft as important enough for it to freeze application publication while it worked on the fix it has just applied.

Developers who had apps in the publication pipeline before the freeze need not do anything; Microsoft is restoring the certification and publishing process back to normal and those apps should continue their journey through to the marketplace. Microsoft does not say what publishers should do if their apps had been published after the defective Dev Center update happened on 3 August, but presumably the company already knows which apps it needs to republish.


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